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The Creative Project { Storytelling }

Some things or events in your life eventually just become a part of you. Horses and everything around and about them were a huge part of mine long ago. Time flies, and if we don’t take the time to do what we really want to, then this time will be gone.  NOW IS NOW !
I was thankful to have this little opportunity with my family, and take a little trip to the country with friends. It has been a long time that I felt so free.. time to just wander around, explore, discover and connect to nature and beautiful animals.


There is something magical about horse stables for me, maybe it is chasing childhood memories. The smell. The looks. The noises. Everything is the same, and yet it isn’t.


I had never been there, yet I felt so at home.


I saw my memories, but I also saw my daughters making their memories and dreaming…


The horses felt like old friends…






Just a little trip to the country, visiting, exploring, adventuring, but it meant so much and holds so many memories and new possible adventures….


We all have our own stories, we all live our own ” story “. Each one is unique and beautiful in it’s own way. Every day is a gift !

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Have a wonderful day ,


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{ The creative Project } Rain and Umbrella’s

April is here with all of it’s rain showers and crazy weather. We have gotten a few rainy days here in Texas and feel lucky about every rain that doesn’t come with a nasty thunderstorm or worse a tornado during this season. We had our first serious tornado warning last week, and it was pretty scary, and we are lucky it just skipped our town.

Life has been busy, as always and I actually didn’t have much new material for today. But since my archives are nearly exploding with images, that have never been posted, I dug around a little and found some cute ones to share. I always love to look in my archives, it always makes me realize how many wonderful moments I have been able to share with my girls  and , sigh, how much they have grown once again.

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{ The creative Project } March Furry babies

This months Theme is all about animals, our furry babies in our life. I had many pets as a kid, I grew up in a beautiful house with a beautiful backyard and we always had some kind of animals and I am so thankful my parents let me. I had many amazing cats when I was little, I always feel like I had (have) a special connection to them. I remember so often sitting outside, on my parents steps, and petting and talking about my little sorrows to one of the cats. When I was a bit older I also had a beautiful dog, he was the best dog anyone could have wished for.

Now that we have our own family we have had a few of our own already as well. Whiskers was the first furry baby me and my husband adopted almost 10 years ago. We had just signed on our house and we immediately went back to the Pet store where the shelter was having adoptions. And there he was waiting for us. He went through so much with us, 3 moves, two kids coming into the family, various renovations and so on… he was my little buddy. I lost him just a few days before Christmas. It was one of the hardest things for our little family yet. I am thankful for the last pictures with him though and even though we adopted to other cats, which makes it to 3 now, no one will ever replace him, he was just so special.

Then comes Bailey. We adopted her a year after Whiskers. They never got a long great, but it was fun. She was a funny, little kitten, but became a bit shy because of Whiskers later on. She is the biggest cuddle bug though and spends every night in our bed.

Our two new little crazy kitten, Jellybean and Snickers have been introduced on my blog briefly before. But this theme is of course perfect to show a few more images of them. They sure have kept us busy these days, and are full of energy but that is just perfect. Jellybean is a big cuddle bug, he just loves to snuggle on the couch or anywhere really. Snickers his sister is a bit wilder and loves to play, play, play.











I hope you enjoyed today’s theme. Please visit to start your circle through our creative project ! See you next month, Julia !

The Creative Project

{ The Creative Project }February Love and Light

February, winter is still in full force and I havn’t seen much sunshine lately. Days have been cold, especially for Texas, we had lots of ice and snow. The days have been long and grey and mostly been spent indoors. We have missed our long walks, adventuring out in nature. Needless to say I really didn’t feel this subject all too much.

But then just a few days ago it actually rained. Just normal nice rain. Another thing we really havn’t had for quite some time. The girls were excited and our new little kitties were watching the rain drops hitting the windows. It was a calm day and I saw the beauty in it and it reminded me of days that seem so long ago. Days from our old house, and how we often went outside when it did rain and jump in the puddle right infront of our house. I wondered how long it must have been that we got to jump in some puddles… So I asked my girls if they would like to go out and enjoy the rain… and surely they did. Even though it was still bitterly cold outside, we went out there and had an awesome time. It wasn’t long but it was enough to light our faces with happiness.









1P2B4576 copygp




I realize that these images might be the exact opposite of what you thought my theme was about. But for us there was Love and Light, and if you look into their happy eyes and faces I am sure you can see it too.

I hope we brought some Love and light into your cold winter day ! Please continue this months circle with Madeline here

Much love,


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{ The Creativity Project } January Fresh

Welcome to the new year my friends. 2014 it is, crazy, indeed. So much has happened since my last post here. Times have been crazier than ever. Our beloved cat whiskers, passed away just shortly before Christmas and things haven’t been the same since. We have always had two cats, but the house without him has been so quiet. Things happened so fast with him and left much sadness with our whole family. Experiencing something like this with my children for the first time, was very, very hard. But the holidays came,we all  enjoyed our time together during Christmas and it was so good to have this time together. A new special ornament was made for him and will now be on our Christmas tree every year. Things had to go on, even though I was really devastated for some days. After lots of talking I started looking online for a new furry friend for us. And I know y’all hear that probably every other day “adopt from the shelters” but I will repeat it… please, please, please….if you are looking for a new furry friend for you family, consider and check the shelters first. It is so heartbreaking and often can be easily forgotten how many animals are really left alone to suffer there.

But enough with the sad stories. It is a new year. New hopes, new goals, new friendships, new traditions and for us, two new little furry friends to share our adventures with…

First things first though, we introduced the new year with a little party and lots of balloons. Waking the girls up on January first, with balloons and a yummy breakfast.



This is another year of also trying to live healthier. I must say I am enjoying the journey to better living. We have made lots of changes in the past year but some more are needed. Now with an amazing juicer and some other really amazing Christmas gifts I got, a fresh start into the new year should be lots easier.


Everyone is excited to help.


And speaking of fresh things. Whenever the time and weather allows it, it is always good to get out for some fresh air.


A nice warm bath is always refreshing afterwards.


Then it is time to snuggle in the nicely, fresh made bed.


An no these are not our two new additions. I saved the best for last 😉 Meet our two new furry friends Mister Jellybean and Miss Snickers. Together with our third cat Bailey the house seems a little more complete again. Whiskers will always have a special place in our hearts. These little kittens have brought much joy to our family and for that I am so thankful !






I hope all of you had a lovely start into the new year. No matter how it was, you know, you can always turn things around, any given day. We don’t always need a new year to start over fresh 😉

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{ The Creativity Project } December Traditions

It’s the middle of December and traditions are all around us. For us ,they pretty much start with Halloween. That’s the sign for me summer is definitely over and the holidays aren’t far away. Being a young family away from the rest of our families we have found ourselves in the making of a lot of new traditions. The holidays always make is easy to miss everyone so much but it is important to show my children how beautiful it can all be, with just the 4 of us as well. We spend a lot of time crafting and decorating and dancing and singing out loud. We take a lot of walks and try to enjoy nature together with the whole family and watch the seasons change.We make no excuses to eat anything we want and during the holidays you will have no problem finding some German chocolate and cookies laying around the house. It is a fun time and we try to enjoy it to the fullest. This year is once again special, first Christmas in our new house and bringing the holidays into it has already made it so much more “HOME”. Making memories once again…

I hope everyone can enjoy this beautiful holiday season and no matter what your reason is for the season, make it a beautiful one and enjoy your time with your loved ones. In the end that’s what it is all about.

Merry Christmas, to all of you !

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{ The Creativity Project } Faceless Portraits November

Hello friends,

Lot’s of news this month to our little circle. It has grown quite a bit and we want to welcome all our new members ! We are so excited about being able to share more beautiful images with all of you !

We are in the  middle of November and the year is rushing to an end. Just a few days away from Thanksgiving, Halloween candy has been collected and mostly been eaten, and Christmas is also just a few weeks away. Fall has for sure arrived here but we have been enjoying it very much. Little by little we are experiencing every little bit of it here in our new home, our new little world. Often I wish I could give my girls more, show them so much more about the world, but I am thankful we have the time we have right now, right here and we can at least make the best of it now.

Faceless portraits, was a really inspiring theme for me. At first I didn’t think much off it, but the more I thought about it the more ideas came to mind, and that’s simply why I love this group. They get my creativity going and that is exactly what I need in my life ! I have been inspired for a whole new series through this theme and I am also so excited to share more of them with everyone soon !








I have the honor this month to be connected to our awesome Becky , the soul of our creative project ! This month is going to be amazing, so don’t miss out on following our circle and check out her work and travel with us through the month of November ! Also we encourage you to come to our facebook group and post your own visions on our wall !!

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{The Creativity Project } October Fall

Fall is arriving fast in most places in the world. Here in Texas we are always a little behind when it comes to the colder temperatures even though most of us truly are waiting for them. After so many months of hot, hot, sunny weather we are longing for rainy, colder days. We have had a few and those we spend inside eating homemade soup, cuddled on the couches with movies, or books. After the cold fronts blow through we often get to enjoy our beautiful outdoors. We really love our fall , I hope you can enjoy it too, wherever you may be 🙂









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{ The creativity Project } Back to school

School has started in most places and we are already way in the middle of our homeschool adventure. And what an adventure it has been. I have come across many people, that have said, homeschooling has changed their life and it has been the best decision they have ever made, and I getting to know the true meaning of these words. I have met amazing people online and in the real world, we have made friends, have had wonderful school days, field trips, little and big adventures. But I have also had moments with my kids, that I never shared like this before with them. Finding their true learning strength and how they understand things has been interesting. We shared some tears, many hugs, and many talks. Not just little talks, but very deep thoughts have been shared and I feel beyond blessed that my daughters are sharing these things with me.

We have started off slowly, but really taken off with some subjects, especially history, which both my girls seem to absolutely love. We started with the ancient Nomads, Babylon, and ventured into old Egypt, which the girls seem even more obsessed with. It has been lots of fun seeing them learn and play along with these subjects. Play has become a big part of our homeschooling again. Lots more outside time, time for creativity and freedom.  Years ago I would have never thought our back to school days would look like this, but for now this seems to be it, and I am thankful for it, to have this amazing chance in our life and try to embrace every minute of it. I hope everyone had a blessed back to school week, no matter where, when and how 🙂



There are many things we have learnt already. One that learning can be done anywhere.


The more fun and play is involved the better we all learn.

Some of us are really thrilled to start in the mornings.


some, not so much lol…



We clearly have enforced our strict rules 🙂

1P2B0648edgp 1P2B0494gp

we have explored lots with hands on learning.. and well…yeah playing 🙂


We have looked at many things, really close… believe me, you might want to think twice about looking at a fly’s mouth, it really opens a whole new world of macro photography, that I don’t really want to explore.

And of course we have an official classroom pet as well. He has brought much laughter and even inspired us to write little stories !!


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