{ Giveaway time} well almost ;)) Goss Photography Hutto,TX

Hello my sweet friends,

Well today I have some awesome news to share. I have been thinking a lot about a giveaway lately and I am just about ready to launch it !! Are you excited ? Well I am :)) Recently I made another big step and finally contacted some ProPhotography printing labs and got my test prints done and I literally fell in love with them, once I received them. So much that I want to give one of the 8×10 images to one lucky winner. The contest will start once we REACH “333” Fans on Facebook !!! Do you think we can do it ??  I bet with your help we can !! So all you have to do is share the message somehow and make sure you come back here, once we reach the goal  and I open the blog for the giveaway !!

! I will post two pictures to choose from (on facebook), the one with the highest likes will be given away !! You will then have to enter on the blog to confirm your entry !!

So stay tuned, share the message, and check back !! Just a little heads up, the giveaway will only be open to the US at the moment, sorry to my fans worldwide..im sure one day I will extend the giveaways…

Oh and before i forget..once we reach this goal the second part of the giveaway will open..and you sure won’t want to miss that one ! Especially if you live in the area and have been dreaming about a session ;))) !!! Enough said…go get me some new fans ;)))

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