Pretty little things for you

I always love the moment when I am absolutely finished with another session, not because I am done with “work” simply because I get to look through all the beautiful picture I got to take of my lovely clients. This last session family session was no different, and I am so excited to take the next step and offer a more beautiful way for you to keep your memories. Before ,I had a way to sort of engrave a lovely picture from your session on your CD, now I offer a completely printed/ labeled CD. It is simply gorgeous, and it comes in a lovely recycled cardboard paper CD case ! I’m simply thrilled over this new step 😉

I’m happy to offer prettier things to you as our business grows ! To ensure we keep growing and be able to offer these wonderful things to you (at no additional cost even ) please tell your friends about us ! And don’t forget, right now we are waiting for our magic number on the Facebook page ! 333 ! And we will give a beautiful 8×10 ArtPrint away to one lucky winner in the US !  Join and share the love !!

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