A day in the life of a cowgirl {Hutto,TX Photography Session}

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays here in the US. We dont have it as much in germany, so seeing my kids growing up with more traditions is very fun and I get a little overboard with it sometimes haha. I found my daughters costume way early this year and finally had my hubby convinced to get it, and we were all in love with it by the time we got it and couldnt wait for a shoot. My daughter loves fairies and nature so very much so it was a true fit. IF she would be a fairy, this would be her for sure…

But I wont hold you up any long and just shower you with some images, from one of my favorite sessions with her yet, for sure… Let the magic begin…

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All my pictures are copyright protected. Please do not use without my written permission !!

Birthday time


I have been soo busy with my family, summer and life in general. July is a busy month for us, anniversary, and our childrens birthdays. As busy as it might seem I love everything about it and wouldnt change a thing.

Anyways, we are still kind of in the middle of the birthdays (my little one will have hers next week) but we managed to get in a little birthday shoot already. It was windy and hot, not perfect weather but we still had fun and I got to try out some new props !!

And I just can’t help it to include one black and white image..just that little  something about them that I love so much

A day in the life of a cowgirl  {Hutto,TX Photography Session}

Living here in Hutto has opened my mind to many new things. I never knew I was more a country mouse than a city mouse. I guess I always lived more in the country than in the city, but still you don’t realize it sometimes. We dream of an old house, lots of land,dirt,animals,trees,farms and barns…Seeing my kids growing up here makes me happy. I know they have a happy mix of country life and the big city is really nearby. Learning about nature is an incredibly important thing to me in todays age !

So when I drove back home from the last day of school for my oldest, I saw the hay bales, the tractor the field and in the evening we had a few minutes and I just hoped it was all still there…and yes it was 😉 We had a blast out there, it was fun playing around and seeing my daughter in these different elements playing the role as a cowgirl. I used to go after the perfect images, and of course I always strive to give my best, but with your own kids it’s even harder than during a normal session. Im happy when I get her out of her little shell, relaxed and just her..these are the images that reflect her, the way i know her, the way she is, silly,funny, cute and beautiful… !


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