Randomness { art and nature photography Hutto,TX}

Randomness can be a good thing. Sometimes you randomly start doing something and you end up doing something totally cool by the end of it. Hmmm, most times here at home I would call it being unfocused haha, but when it comes to taken pictures sometimes the more random or even weirder the better. We are all surrounded by the random, ordinary things and how often do we all complain about how boring they are.. Sometimes a closer look, a different time of the day, or one little event in between can put a whole new lighting on the subject or even situation. Thats how I feel about a lot of my  artsy work, for some it might be random pictures of nature, boring fence posts, a junky old mailbox.. to me most of these are a slice of randomness only with an extra touch of awesomeness 😉

Ps: A lot of these are for sale as prints, phonecovers and so much more over here http://society6.com/JuliaGossPhotography

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