My little bookworm {Hutto children photography}

My oldest daughter (well honestly,my younger one too) is a giant bookworm !I guess the years and years of reading to her have paid off, she is an amazing reader, reads chapter books by herself and little books to her almost 3 year old little sister. Im thankful we still have books we read together though, I admit giving up this reading time with her would be really hard for me. Her birthday is coming up and she is getting a ton of new big girl books, and Im sooo soo excited to dive into them with her.. We have mary poppins on the list and one from my childhood from astrid lindgren, the robbers daughter and a few others 🙂 But I know y’all want to see some pictures, so to honor her reading skills we jumped outside with a book and had some fun 🙂 { and in case you wonder..the glasses are the 3D glasses from the movie theather..the kids always want to bring them home..they are sooo fun !!! }

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