|| HELLO SUMMER || Creative Project Photography Hutto,tx

I had the amazing opportunity to connect with some other ,wonderful photographers as I was asked by Becky to join this circle of photography and friendship. If you don’t know Becky’s work yet, you seriously should check it out. I love her kind spirit and reading the wonderful comments she often leaves me. I feel blessed for making these connections, these freindships through photography. When she told me the theme for the upcoming month, I was even more thrilled || HELLO SUMMER || !

When summer was arriving (whish is early here in texas) we started a summer list of things we want to do. We started with big things like going to the amusement parks, big trips and ideas and such… as we are in the middle of summer now we have figured out that it’s once again the little moments in our daily ordinary life that make it all magical ! The little trips to the playground and parks, the late nights hanging out with friends and neighbors, the playing in the sprinkler, the ice cream shop around the corner, being together and loving loving life..thats what its all about ! Happy Summer everyone !!


What else says summer more than strawberries ? I adore them and think they are a must have for summer !

Jumping and making huuuge splashes in our little pool ! Childhood memories !

Dirty toes form playing outside and juice packs… summer !

Barefoot and shadow plays…

Little paradise of ice cream !

“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.”

Late night evenings at the park….

Peek a boo – !!

Summer is the time when children can turn their dreams into little adventures ❤

Summer is the time to be happy and love one another and love life itself !!!

Now please take a moment and check out some of the other photographers that have worked on this project and created their visions of summer. Next one in our circle is Sandra, http://www.sandrajacksonphotography.com/blog. please visit her and take a look ! As you visit her you will be linked to another blog and so on 😉

8 thoughts on “|| HELLO SUMMER || Creative Project Photography Hutto,tx

  1. Julie I love this blog entry and I love love love all the new summer pictures!!!your girls are adorable and u take such beautiful photos!!!I enjoy looking at them!!!!you are very talented!!!and I love what you wrote!its very true,its all about the small every day things, that make us happy!!!gotta enjoy every moment!!!!<3

  2. I love all the little moments you’ve so brilliantly captured! You’re right… sometimes the little moments are the most magical ones. :You take such lovely photos. 🙂

  3. WOW!!!! Amazing work! So inspirational. I’ve been looking for “hello summer” photo ideas and this is exactly what I was lookiing for! Wish you were closer to Michigan!!!!

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