Image theft and how to find your images {Photographer tools}

For the first time on my blog, I am directing this post to my fellow photographers. Of course everyone else as well, lots of boutique owners etc will possibly find this interesting too. We all know about the problems the internet can cause. Many problems actually, but one I need to talk about is Image theft and copyright infringement.
I had many, many images taken without permission and have found them on various blogs from all across the world. Very disturbing, especially when it is about your own kids, and you don’t even understand a word of what it says on the page.

So occasionally I have come across images, per accident, or people were smart enough to somehow link it back to one of my pages and most times I ask them to take it down, and they do so. I’m not going into the details of copyrights and whats allowed and whats not..we all pretty much know about that. I’m trying to help you find your pictures and where they are used. Some of us, are partnered with Stock agencies, this is also a great way to find the legal purchases of your images on where they are used !!

  •  Tineye.

All you have to do, is open the page in your browser and either open the questionable picture or type in the URL and they will possibly come up with a few pages where your images has been used. It has worked a couple of times for me.

  •  A better option is this one though. I was a little hesitant at first, but this one works really well and so easy to use.

Click on the link and let the page load.Then just drag the question mark to your bookmark bar and go to your website where you have the images and click on the srg-img in your browser bar ! BAM !! The first time I tried this out, I got stuck in front of the computer for a few hours, because I had a whole lot of images come up. Nothing really horrible, a whole lot of bloggers who just think they can use anything and everything. I contacted each one of them about copyright infringement and they sure took them all down very fast. Make sure you make a screenshot of your image on their page first when you find it, so you have proof later on !

Hope this helps a few of you out there ! Good luck and keep shooting !

One thought on “Image theft and how to find your images {Photographer tools}

  1. omg thanks i never knew about this website.i hate it when they take photos without permission even though we know the risk when we take when we upload them but that don’t give anybody the right to steal them.

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