{ Creativity project } August Sunflare

July has been a busy month. It is one of my favorites through the year, because it gets filled with so many memories every year. It is the month my husband proposed to me after coming home from iraq, it’s the month we got married, it’s the 4 of july, it’s our first daughters birthday and our second little one’s as well. Yes it is a busy month, but I love every moment of it. I havnt had the time to chase the light as much as I wanted to because I was chasing the real moments more this month and halfway writing this post I was set on posting more older images. But it seems like everyone in our amazing project had a real busy month, so I managed to push in a few new ones afterall. By the way the theme was sunflare for this month. Not a necessary easy subject, I used to {over}do it a lot and still believe I havnt mastered it yet. But I do love when the sun comes down in this right angle and so often during those magical hours, it seems like the world slows down a little,  you can feel the magic… Kids enjoy the last few minutes before they get called back inside to get ready for bed, people sitting on benches chatting along enjoying the late afternoon, or early mornings on bikes, walks etc..and  I wished I could show you all these images like I see them clearly before me, but once more I captured my reality..my beautiful life with my family… When your done with mine  please move along in our circle of friendship and continue to the next photographer in our creativity project ! http://www.sandrajacksonphotography.com/blog thank you 🙂

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