{ Creative project } September Life at my house

It’s the 10th of the month and time for our amazing Creativity Project again. This months theme is “LIFE AT MY HOUSE “and we also have the pleasure to announce our very first guest photographer for the project Susan Keller !!

Lifestyle is absolutely one of my favorite styles of photography, there is so much to appreciate in the instant of a moment that is captured forever. Life as you and me know it, the real thing. But often when you look at your own life, you just see the crazy day-to-day life and so often  forget to just breathe it all in and just enjoy this craziness. During my 365 project last year, I learnt a lot about appreciating the little things and also lifestyle photography in general. I wasnt able to finish last year, but I know one year I will give it another try. This project gave me another reason and chance to look at life in its most beautiful way. Once more  I took a step back, and just watched again..and saw life with all the beauty it has to offer..from the laughs and giggles to the cries and tantrums, messes and routines.. I breathe it all in and enjoy it.. simply because I know one day it will all be quiet and I will miss these days more than anything…

So this was it from me, and I hope I gave you a little glimpse into our life.  There isn’t all that much to say about our life in the suburbs, we try to have fun and have lots of family time. Me and my husband met a little less than 10 years ago in germany and a few years later started our journey together. Life far away from the family you grew up with isn’t always the easiest but my family gives me strength to do this every day. Life always creates new paths and I know many new ones will come along throughout the next years. So often we complain about the bad things but we forget how actually blessed we are. So I hope today you will be able to see the wonderful things in your life a bit clearer and just breathe it all in….

Thanks for joining me today !!

Please click around and follow the next photographer in our little circle of creativity in

the CREATIVE PROJECT ! http://www.sandrajacksonphotography.com/blog and don’t forget to check out our amazing guest photographer Susan Keller  http://www.susankellerphotography.com/

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9 thoughts on “{ Creative project } September Life at my house

  1. These are awesome, Julia! I always find myself looking for inspiration outwards when there’s so much beauty right at home…just got to open my eyes and see it 🙂

  2. I love your pictures. You reminded me how important little things are : ) The girls are beautiful and SO ARE YOU! Wow. What a beautiful soul you are. I see your beauty more and more as I come to visit. I hope you can be with your family again soon. I know you miss them.

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