The balancing act of life

It is funny how fast sometimes, priorities can change. I am not ready to talk all about it on here yet, but we are thinking about some pretty big changes for all of us. I really hope it works out and that my heart is telling me the right thing and that it will help our family to grow closer together again and take some of the stress out, but I have to wait and see first how things keep going before I can make that final decision.

We have had a crazy mix of the weather, days of winter followed by days of summer. I miss blogging and also want to become more active on a personal blog. I want to combine my loves of my life more than ever 😉 Last year I followed my dreams and had my first sessions, it was amazing, amazing experiences, wonderful people and it taught me much in many ways. This year I need to focus and try to bring everything together but most importantly not lose my balance with personal things and life in general.

I could write on and on, but right now time is short once again. Things are waiting to get done around here and we also have a special visitor to arrive this week, so I wont be wanting to spend much time on the computer. Anyways I thought I’d give y’all a little heads up one whats going on and just to keep true to the blog some recent faves to go along with it..
PS : I am totally still available for sessions, so dont feel shy to send me a message 😉

abigail GossPhotography

abigail Gossphotography2013






3 thoughts on “The balancing act of life

  1. Fantastic images Julie. Love them all and whatever your heart tells you, you should try even if it doesn’t work out. At least you know you tried it and you’ve accomplished something.

    Well done and keep up the great work.

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