The Creative Project

{ The Creativity Project } February Sequences

Can you believe it is February already ? It is slowly getting warmer here in Texas already, spring seems to be knocking on the door and I am still processing images from last year. I find myself trying to catch The YESTERDAYS almost every day… But nevertheless it is tie for another creative Project. I havn’t had much time to play along with a lot of things, a lot going on at home, and possibly a lot of hopefully good changes along the horizon. The theme for this month, was image sequence, and I kind of didn’t play along the rules and went a little different path, with creating an animated GIF> I have been trying to do this for months, and couldn’t get it to work right. It is not perfect by all means  but at least I am able to post something and participate for this month !

I am sorry this is a rather short entry, but I hope all of you are doing well !!
To see the animated GIF click on the image below and give it a minute to load !!

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To see the animation click on the IMAGE !!


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