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{ The Creativity Project } March Lines

In life there are many beginnings and many ends. Sometimes it is shocking how little sadness and happniness really lay apart. Sometimes we need a moment to realize that a new beginning also means that other things come to an end.

The monthly theme “lines” couldnt fit much better into my personal life theme right now ,as we are trying to cut some “lines and ropes” from our current place right now and trying to make some strong new roots, once again in another place a few hundred miles away.
This last month I have been procrastinating some facts pretty hard. My mother was here to visit us, after a long year of not seeing any family. It was much needed and even though things were already being flipped upside down then, we sure enjoyed every minute of it.
With the way things have been going I havnt had much time to think about our monthly project…but then came another day I have been trying not to think off, since the day my mum has gotten here… and with that my subject for lines was chosen…

Airport sign austin,tx GP
The Austin Airport, for one of the last times we shall fly in and out from there and pick up family. As a move is coming closer and closer, the details and the hectic life at the airport amazed me and kept me a little distracted from saying goodbye myself. I think I could serisously document for weeks at an aiport, so many stories all at one place, all happening at the same time. So many of my own stories have parted, began, ended and continued at them ❤

People Airport austin,tx GP CP

lines goss photography

waiting goss photography

lines airport goss photography


lines2gp lines10gp lines7gp

goodbyes airport goss photography kids window goss photography

One the way home we said we said goodbye to another place and to more people, my husbands work.

hazard line goss photography

Then by the end of it all, at least for this day there wasnt much left then to sit back and enjoy the ride…

birdseditgp lines12gp

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7 thoughts on “{ The Creativity Project } March Lines”

  1. Beautiful work, Julia! Thanks for participating even though it’s been a difficult month. BTW- my favorite has got to be the birds on the wire line. Wow! I was searching all over the place for a scene like that, but I guess all our birds have migrated south for the winter.

  2. That is a LOT of birds. WOWWOWOWOWOW! : ) I will be thinking of you as you are packing up and moving Julia! I know that is a very hard job! I love what you pulled together this month. Beautiful. Thanks for always joining us.

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