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{ The Creative Project } August Water

It has been a while that I have been able to team up with the ” Creative Project “.  We are in our new house and time has just been flying by. Summer is here with all of its heat here in Texas and most days we can ‘t make it outside unless its early morning hours or later in the evenings. Strict water regulations are in effect with the ongoing drought that never seems to end. Luckily it doesn’t feel as bad up here in the more northern parts of Texas. We have been enjoying our new house and settling in well. Things are slowing down, we are starting to make friends, appreciating more of the little things in life once again.

I often remember the days of my childhood when I simply just watch my girls, there are many differences from my childhood to theirs but there are similarities as well. I remember the long summer nights I spent outside just playing in the yard. Both my siblings were a lot older than me but yet we often played together. During the summer we always had BBQ’s with lots of different kinds of meat, salads, breads, anything and everything. Everyone was welcome, my grandma lived with us since I can remember when, best friends joined in and later the boyfriends and girlfriends joined the tables. Music was always playing, laughter was heard and games were played. My has always enjoyed yard work. It is his outlet and he has always been proud of it. I spent many afternoons and evenings with him like that, at many different houses as we moved and all grew up… Through the years I watched him do the same with my little nephew, my niece, and my own to daughters. Those little shared moments just mean so much ! I remember the little walks with him I took through the yard while watering, exploring, learning and just spending time together. He was never in a rush. Or maybe he was in a rush and still had a million things to do afterwards but he never really let me believe that ! Those are some great memories of childhood and I love looking back to them and I am so glad to still spend this time with him whenever I have the chance, or watch him as he spends these wonderful moments with his grandkids once again !

Thanks for the simple lessons of life Dad 🙂 !

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