{ The creativity Project } Back to school

School has started in most places and we are already way in the middle of our homeschool adventure. And what an adventure it has been. I have come across many people, that have said, homeschooling has changed their life and it has been the best decision they have ever made, and I getting to know the true meaning of these words. I have met amazing people online and in the real world, we have made friends, have had wonderful school days, field trips, little and big adventures. But I have also had moments with my kids, that I never shared like this before with them. Finding their true learning strength and how they understand things has been interesting. We shared some tears, many hugs, and many talks. Not just little talks, but very deep thoughts have been shared and I feel beyond blessed that my daughters are sharing these things with me.

We have started off slowly, but really taken off with some subjects, especially history, which both my girls seem to absolutely love. We started with the ancient Nomads, Babylon, and ventured into old Egypt, which the girls seem even more obsessed with. It has been lots of fun seeing them learn and play along with these subjects. Play has become a big part of our homeschooling again. Lots more outside time, time for creativity and freedom.  Years ago I would have never thought our back to school days would look like this, but for now this seems to be it, and I am thankful for it, to have this amazing chance in our life and try to embrace every minute of it. I hope everyone had a blessed back to school week, no matter where, when and how 🙂



There are many things we have learnt already. One that learning can be done anywhere.


The more fun and play is involved the better we all learn.

Some of us are really thrilled to start in the mornings.


some, not so much lol…



We clearly have enforced our strict rules 🙂

1P2B0648edgp 1P2B0494gp

we have explored lots with hands on learning.. and well…yeah playing 🙂


We have looked at many things, really close… believe me, you might want to think twice about looking at a fly’s mouth, it really opens a whole new world of macro photography, that I don’t really want to explore.

And of course we have an official classroom pet as well. He has brought much laughter and even inspired us to write little stories !!


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3 thoughts on “{ The creativity Project } Back to school

  1. Happy to know that homeschooling is really working out for you. I have so much admiration for families who choose this route. I wish I could do it. but alas, I don’t think I am organized nor disciplined enough to see it through.

    Lovely, lovely pics as usual!

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