{ The Creativity Project } Faceless Portraits November

Hello friends,

Lot’s of news this month to our little circle. It has grown quite a bit and we want to welcome all our new members ! We are so excited about being able to share more beautiful images with all of you !

We are in the  middle of November and the year is rushing to an end. Just a few days away from Thanksgiving, Halloween candy has been collected and mostly been eaten, and Christmas is also just a few weeks away. Fall has for sure arrived here but we have been enjoying it very much. Little by little we are experiencing every little bit of it here in our new home, our new little world. Often I wish I could give my girls more, show them so much more about the world, but I am thankful we have the time we have right now, right here and we can at least make the best of it now.

Faceless portraits, was a really inspiring theme for me. At first I didn’t think much off it, but the more I thought about it the more ideas came to mind, and that’s simply why I love this group. They get my creativity going and that is exactly what I need in my life ! I have been inspired for a whole new series through this theme and I am also so excited to share more of them with everyone soon !








I have the honor this month to be connected to our awesome Becky  www.lifewithkaishon.com , the soul of our creative project ! This month is going to be amazing, so don’t miss out on following our circle and check out her work and travel with us through the month of November ! Also we encourage you to come to our facebook group and post your own visions on our wall !! https://www.facebook.com/thecreativityproject


11 thoughts on “{ The Creativity Project } Faceless Portraits November

  1. Julia! You outdid yourself. SO MUCH FUN! I am so grateful that you join with us each month. I loved this theme too! I remember when it was first picked I felt a little ambiguous about it, but as I was gathering pictures for the post I became more and more excited. I love the story that you can tell minus a face. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Love, Becky

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