{ The Creative Project }February Love and Light

February, winter is still in full force and I havn’t seen much sunshine lately. Days have been cold, especially for Texas, we had lots of ice and snow. The days have been long and grey and mostly been spent indoors. We have missed our long walks, adventuring out in nature. Needless to say I really didn’t feel this subject all too much.

But then just a few days ago it actually rained. Just normal nice rain. Another thing we really havn’t had for quite some time. The girls were excited and our new little kitties were watching the rain drops hitting the windows. It was a calm day and I saw the beauty in it and it reminded me of days that seem so long ago. Days from our old house, and how we often went outside when it did rain and jump in the puddle right infront of our house. I wondered how long it must have been that we got to jump in some puddles… So I asked my girls if they would like to go out and enjoy the rain… and surely they did. Even though it was still bitterly cold outside, we went out there and had an awesome time. It wasn’t long but it was enough to light our faces with happiness.









1P2B4576 copygp




I realize that these images might be the exact opposite of what you thought my theme was about. But for us there was Love and Light, and if you look into their happy eyes and faces I am sure you can see it too.

I hope we brought some Love and light into your cold winter day ! Please continue this months circle with Madeline here  http://www.madheartsblog.com/

Much love,



8 thoughts on “{ The Creative Project }February Love and Light

  1. Love this post ! This post made me smile 😉 my boys would love to be your neighbor. Every time it rains they beg to play in the rain. Love all the sweet moments you got in this post 😉

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