{ The creative Project } Rain and Umbrella’s

April is here with all of it’s rain showers and crazy weather. We have gotten a few rainy days here in Texas and feel lucky about every rain that doesn’t come with a nasty thunderstorm or worse a tornado during this season. We had our first serious tornado warning last week, and it was pretty scary, and we are lucky it just skipped our town.

Life has been busy, as always and I actually didn’t have much new material for today. But since my archives are nearly exploding with images, that have never been posted, I dug around a little and found some cute ones to share. I always love to look in my archives, it always makes me realize how many wonderful moments I have been able to share with my girls  and , sigh, how much they have grown once again.

Take the tour with our circle and follow this link to see Erica’s work next  http://ericaleephotography.wordpress.com/









5 thoughts on “{ The creative Project } Rain and Umbrella’s

  1. So sweet! My boys would love coming over and jumping in the rain with your girls! I could hear the giggles though your images! Love it

  2. Beautiful beautiful pictures! I love the black and white ones, and the reflection of the umbrella in the puddle. Heck, I love them all!

  3. Your daughters are so darling! I just told Stephanie I wanted to fly to California and hug the boys! Now I want to hug your beautiful girls! Such a fun collection of umbrellas. Great job!

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