All about booking your session…

Yaaay,  you are almost done with all the ” need to knows “. You already kind of figured out that I do mainly Lifestyle photography. What does that mean exactly ? Well, it maninly means we have a lot more fun than just being in a stiff little studio. The kids can move around and we want to capture CANDID moments. We will shoot at a specific outdoor location, or at your home !!  One of the sweetest things I heard from a little boy once was, that he enjoyed the session so much, simply because I didn’t make him pose. Think about it, think about the way your kids act, what they do best ?! Simply be themselves, play and have fun… and that’s all im there to capture…… life !!

For the grownups it’s similar. We want to have with the session,when we have fun,we are relaxed and ourselves. That way we can get the best pictures 🙂 More details on how to get the most out of the session upon booking !


  • You will get a CD of your best images, plus the printing rights to your pictures ! Multiple effects, touch ups etc are all included !

#1 Familysessions:  $150 ( Park location )

Groupsessions, includes up to 5 family members. One location. One photographer. multiple different groupshots, siblings pictures. All depends on what you would like and what we can create with you and your loves ones. Plan at least  2 hours.

# Couple/Engagement / Maternity session $200

This session is all about you and your special moment ! Should it be your pregnancy or your engagement ! Closeup’s of the ring(s) and other little things that go along with  are included. Please plan at least  2 hours. Lot’s more can be discussed prior the sessions, favorite locations, outfits, themes etc.

# Newborn  { Lifestyle session at your home }  $250

Many parents want to catch those moment with their new little baby at home. It is wonderful introducing this new little life to your home, your life, your friends and family. I love to do sessions at the familie’s home, only requirements is a larger room to set up for the newborn shoot with lots of  windows/light. I need to be able to shoot around the house to catch those lovely moments in the nursery, cuddling together on the parents bed, playing in the siblings room, or even go outside in the yard and lay in the grass !

# Seniors $200

Senior sessions can be lots of fun. So much creativity going on with these young,great personalities. Bring some nice props, something you “love”, or maybe even someONE you love. Little props and friends make it more fun,relaxed and often we can include it into the pictures.

# Weddings  start at $900 {more info upon request !}

# Other events

Birthday’s,parties,reunions… please contact me for more details and we can figure something out !

Please note:
  • $50 booking fee is required at time of booking your session and is non-refundable.
  • Should you have to reschedule your session, you will have 90days to do so.
  • Transactions via PAYPAL will include a 5% fee to cover additional fees.
  • Payment for your session is due at the time of your session, unless otherwise discussed prior.
  •  You will receive full printing rights with the session and a CD will be included with your best shots.
  • Copyright ALWAYS stays with the photographer !
  • Prices are subject to change, for your own session, please contact me and we will go over the details !
  • Sessions are very limited at this time, please make sure you book early enough so we can find a good time that works for all of us. As a natural light Photographer I depend on the weather and light a lot, best times for family sessions etc is early mornings or later afternoons !

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