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The Creative Project { Storytelling }

Some things or events in your life eventually just become a part of you. Horses and everything around and about them were a huge part of mine long ago. Time flies, and if we don’t take the time to do what we really want to, then this time will be gone.  NOW IS NOW !
I was thankful to have this little opportunity with my family, and take a little trip to the country with friends. It has been a long time that I felt so free.. time to just wander around, explore, discover and connect to nature and beautiful animals.


There is something magical about horse stables for me, maybe it is chasing childhood memories. The smell. The looks. The noises. Everything is the same, and yet it isn’t.


I had never been there, yet I felt so at home.


I saw my memories, but I also saw my daughters making their memories and dreaming…


The horses felt like old friends…






Just a little trip to the country, visiting, exploring, adventuring, but it meant so much and holds so many memories and new possible adventures….


We all have our own stories, we all live our own ” story “. Each one is unique and beautiful in it’s own way. Every day is a gift !

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{ The creative Project } Rain and Umbrella’s

April is here with all of it’s rain showers and crazy weather. We have gotten a few rainy days here in Texas and feel lucky about every rain that doesn’t come with a nasty thunderstorm or worse a tornado during this season. We had our first serious tornado warning last week, and it was pretty scary, and we are lucky it just skipped our town.

Life has been busy, as always and I actually didn’t have much new material for today. But since my archives are nearly exploding with images, that have never been posted, I dug around a little and found some cute ones to share. I always love to look in my archives, it always makes me realize how many wonderful moments I have been able to share with my girls  and , sigh, how much they have grown once again.

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{ The creative Project } March Furry babies

This months Theme is all about animals, our furry babies in our life. I had many pets as a kid, I grew up in a beautiful house with a beautiful backyard and we always had some kind of animals and I am so thankful my parents let me. I had many amazing cats when I was little, I always feel like I had (have) a special connection to them. I remember so often sitting outside, on my parents steps, and petting and talking about my little sorrows to one of the cats. When I was a bit older I also had a beautiful dog, he was the best dog anyone could have wished for.

Now that we have our own family we have had a few of our own already as well. Whiskers was the first furry baby me and my husband adopted almost 10 years ago. We had just signed on our house and we immediately went back to the Pet store where the shelter was having adoptions. And there he was waiting for us. He went through so much with us, 3 moves, two kids coming into the family, various renovations and so on… he was my little buddy. I lost him just a few days before Christmas. It was one of the hardest things for our little family yet. I am thankful for the last pictures with him though and even though we adopted to other cats, which makes it to 3 now, no one will ever replace him, he was just so special.

Then comes Bailey. We adopted her a year after Whiskers. They never got a long great, but it was fun. She was a funny, little kitten, but became a bit shy because of Whiskers later on. She is the biggest cuddle bug though and spends every night in our bed.

Our two new little crazy kitten, Jellybean and Snickers have been introduced on my blog briefly before. But this theme is of course perfect to show a few more images of them. They sure have kept us busy these days, and are full of energy but that is just perfect. Jellybean is a big cuddle bug, he just loves to snuggle on the couch or anywhere really. Snickers his sister is a bit wilder and loves to play, play, play.











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{ The creativity Project } Back to school

School has started in most places and we are already way in the middle of our homeschool adventure. And what an adventure it has been. I have come across many people, that have said, homeschooling has changed their life and it has been the best decision they have ever made, and I getting to know the true meaning of these words. I have met amazing people online and in the real world, we have made friends, have had wonderful school days, field trips, little and big adventures. But I have also had moments with my kids, that I never shared like this before with them. Finding their true learning strength and how they understand things has been interesting. We shared some tears, many hugs, and many talks. Not just little talks, but very deep thoughts have been shared and I feel beyond blessed that my daughters are sharing these things with me.

We have started off slowly, but really taken off with some subjects, especially history, which both my girls seem to absolutely love. We started with the ancient Nomads, Babylon, and ventured into old Egypt, which the girls seem even more obsessed with. It has been lots of fun seeing them learn and play along with these subjects. Play has become a big part of our homeschooling again. Lots more outside time, time for creativity and freedom.  Years ago I would have never thought our back to school days would look like this, but for now this seems to be it, and I am thankful for it, to have this amazing chance in our life and try to embrace every minute of it. I hope everyone had a blessed back to school week, no matter where, when and how 🙂



There are many things we have learnt already. One that learning can be done anywhere.


The more fun and play is involved the better we all learn.

Some of us are really thrilled to start in the mornings.


some, not so much lol…



We clearly have enforced our strict rules 🙂

1P2B0648edgp 1P2B0494gp

we have explored lots with hands on learning.. and well…yeah playing 🙂


We have looked at many things, really close… believe me, you might want to think twice about looking at a fly’s mouth, it really opens a whole new world of macro photography, that I don’t really want to explore.

And of course we have an official classroom pet as well. He has brought much laughter and even inspired us to write little stories !!


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Catch and release

We are still in the middle of summer and are getting ready for our official start of (home)schooling. I have decided to keep things brief on this blog about homeschooling and personal matters but I have started another blog and if you care to read along with us through our crazy journey, you are more than welcome to join. Things have been busy and I am still wondering about many things (not just homeschooling but life in general) But again, I wanted to keep things brief.

Lately we have seen so many grasshoppers around here and the girls have gotten so interested in them . The other day when we were out with our bikes, they were literally just jumping across the paths where we were riding along.
After a successful trip to the library and many stories later  we then decided to get on the bug hunt ourselves.. It was a lot harder than we thought and we only caught one, we will be out and try again for sure. But we had fun with this little guy for sure :)))












Hello’s and Goodbye’s*Welcome to McKinney*

It has certainly been a while that I have written here. Life has gone on, we have finally moved and after a few hiccups are settling into our new house and are making it our new home. Life as always is pretty amazing with all of its ups and downs. During this move I have learned to let go a little more, to trust more, and to believe more. I had to let my husband buy our new home pretty much by himself without me seeing it. It wasn’t easy at times. It wasn’t easy just to trust and follow almost blindly, not knowing where we would really go. I havnt seen the city, the area, pretty much nothing. I packed our things up in Hutto, the moving day came and we left. Luckily to some amazing friends we had help. Not knowing, drove me nuts some days. But then again I remembered to just trust my instincts. When we arrived at our new home, I was speechless and the tears just started coming. I turned the key and more tears followed. Sometimes you just know in an instant that is has all been worth it, and that your feelings were right. Just when I married my husband 9 years ago. We had our 9th wedding anniversary just a few days ago.
We agreed on this move and new job for many reasons. More family time and a better life in general. We had the dreams of homeschooling our children for a while and now it is coming true. Life is full of surprises sometimes. Years ago I would have never dreamt of this, but this is exactly what we have wanted and I am beyond thankful and happy.

Im planning on booking sessions again soon. On request they will be available right now, so please email me and we might be able to already make an appointment. Officially I will start after the summer to give us a little more time to make this beautiful house our new home !

Thank you all for the support, the messages and comments, wherever you leave them. They are very much appreciated all of the time !

And now some images from the times of the move..before, after and now 🙂


girls1gp kidwasheregp daddyabbygp housegp girlsstepgp


and now some iphone adventures from our new place. The time for much else hasn’t come up yet 😉

soldbwgp IMG_3068gp  IMG_3060gp IMG_3052gp IMG_3045gp IMG_2719gp

A few ones I did manage to shoot with my Mark III baby ;))

abbydoorgp abbysleepinggp abbytrainsgp hannahgp hannahlayinggrassgp

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The time has come…

gossphotographyI havn’t had time to announce it properly to the blog yet, but everyone who has followed me through facebook or so knows already that we are leaving the Austin area. It has been an amazing time with many changes along the way. When we moved here I was pregnant with our second little girl, but not just the size of our family has grown since that move, but also each of us individually as a person. My business has grown, I have managed to take a few more steps along that line and have been satsified with those results along the way. But it’s time for some more changes. As much as I have loved every minute of the past, there were moments that have been stressful. Especially with this kids growing, starting school and so on. Many changes in our personal lives are about to happen which leaves me to one question… Should I open up this blog to more personal things ? Or create a new one… Hmm lots of ideas and questions 😉

So I wanted to take a second and say thanks to every client that I had through the years here in the central texas area. I have learnt so much from all of you and enjoyed every second. I look back to each and everyone and recall the moments. Most with many happy memories, especially of the kids !

Once we are situated into our new home in the Dallas area, I will open up for sessions once again ! I miss doing sessions so much right now, and can’t wait to explore our new place of home and all the surrounding areas !! Such an exciting time !!

I hope to see you around sometime 😉

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{ The Creativity Project } March Lines

In life there are many beginnings and many ends. Sometimes it is shocking how little sadness and happniness really lay apart. Sometimes we need a moment to realize that a new beginning also means that other things come to an end.

The monthly theme “lines” couldnt fit much better into my personal life theme right now ,as we are trying to cut some “lines and ropes” from our current place right now and trying to make some strong new roots, once again in another place a few hundred miles away.
This last month I have been procrastinating some facts pretty hard. My mother was here to visit us, after a long year of not seeing any family. It was much needed and even though things were already being flipped upside down then, we sure enjoyed every minute of it.
With the way things have been going I havnt had much time to think about our monthly project…but then came another day I have been trying not to think off, since the day my mum has gotten here… and with that my subject for lines was chosen…

Airport sign austin,tx GP
The Austin Airport, for one of the last times we shall fly in and out from there and pick up family. As a move is coming closer and closer, the details and the hectic life at the airport amazed me and kept me a little distracted from saying goodbye myself. I think I could serisously document for weeks at an aiport, so many stories all at one place, all happening at the same time. So many of my own stories have parted, began, ended and continued at them ❤

People Airport austin,tx GP CP

lines goss photography

waiting goss photography

lines airport goss photography


lines2gp lines10gp lines7gp

goodbyes airport goss photography kids window goss photography

One the way home we said we said goodbye to another place and to more people, my husbands work.

hazard line goss photography

Then by the end of it all, at least for this day there wasnt much left then to sit back and enjoy the ride…

birdseditgp lines12gp

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The balancing act of life

It is funny how fast sometimes, priorities can change. I am not ready to talk all about it on here yet, but we are thinking about some pretty big changes for all of us. I really hope it works out and that my heart is telling me the right thing and that it will help our family to grow closer together again and take some of the stress out, but I have to wait and see first how things keep going before I can make that final decision.

We have had a crazy mix of the weather, days of winter followed by days of summer. I miss blogging and also want to become more active on a personal blog. I want to combine my loves of my life more than ever 😉 Last year I followed my dreams and had my first sessions, it was amazing, amazing experiences, wonderful people and it taught me much in many ways. This year I need to focus and try to bring everything together but most importantly not lose my balance with personal things and life in general.

I could write on and on, but right now time is short once again. Things are waiting to get done around here and we also have a special visitor to arrive this week, so I wont be wanting to spend much time on the computer. Anyways I thought I’d give y’all a little heads up one whats going on and just to keep true to the blog some recent faves to go along with it..
PS : I am totally still available for sessions, so dont feel shy to send me a message 😉

abigail GossPhotography

abigail Gossphotography2013







{Creativity Project} January Resolution

Our subject for this months Creativity Project.. Resolution !

      Well I am sure we all have them in some way shape or form. Many say no more resolutions for the new year, but deep inside we all have some things we would like to change. Deep down there are things we think we can do better, know we need to make situations or even relationships stronger. I didn’t want to make strict resolutions for the new year, but just like that they snuck up on me. Things mainly for myself, things that I have been putting of, things we don’t think we have the time for. Things that we simply just often forget but can be so important.

To me it has been setting priorities. Realizing what is really important once again, and also what I need to straighten up in my life to get where I, or better we (me and my family ) need and want to be. But as I like to say… let’s just get straight to the pictures and see what resolutions I came up with…

#1 More Fashion and style 😉


#2 Being in more harmony with nature


# 3 More platytime>


 #4  More homecooked meals (even if its just pasta 😉 )


#5  More exploring


#6 More selfies and pictures with my family


# 7  Enjoy the little luxuries of life more


#8 More fun


#9 More time for hugs


# 10 a few more calm moments to breathe it all in

calm moments

So trying to keep up with all these resolutions, my time has been limited 🙂 . The projects due date came faster than expected (as always) ! But I hope you enjoyed my view on the theme, and will follow along in our circle !
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