Meet your photographer

Annamaria Weaver Photography, edited by Julia Goss Photography

Hello there. Let me give you a quick intro of who I am and why I love to take photographs. I am Julia, 34 years old and am the proud mama of three little girls.

Nearly 15 years ago my husband and I started our life together. We met all the way back in Germany, where he was stationed with the Army at the time. We  made it through many crazy times, moved a zillion times, and started having some adorable children.

Biggest problem with living far away from the rest of your family is not being able to share important moments together. That’s why photography became important in my life. When our first daughter was born I wanted to be able to freeze all these moments and share them with my family back in Germany. Eventually it became more than a hobby and I really discovered the art in lifestyle photography.

I believe that having a photo session should be more than just having your pictures taken. I want to have fun with you and your family ! I want to see kids playing and being silly, I want to see them do their silly dances and all the funny little things they do ! Because that is their true identity and the way we want to remember our children. I want to help you create a piece of your family history to look back on forever !

We are now settled back in the McKinney, TX area and I look forward to meeting you and your wonderful family.

Annamaria Weaver Photography

Hope we will meet soon to capture those special moments that you will always want to look back on…

With love,




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