A day in review 12-12-2012

Videography has been a long love of mine, even before Photography. When I was younger, teenager years, I wanted a little Videocamcorder for christmas and I filmed everything. I didnt have any concepts back then, just kept on filming my family and annoyed the heck out of everyone. It was fun and in some way still inspiring today. Even watching the homevideos my Dad made, back when I was just a baby are amazing to me and I am so thanful for any bit of footage that is this there. Making movies, slideshows etc is most often a bit more time consuming then editing a few pictures so somewhere in the middle of having child #1 and moving the second time, I didnt make many movies or even slideshows anymore. Then I got more serious about Photography and forgot filming even more. This year I promised myself to make some changes and get more serious about my old love again, and with my new Canon Mark III I am finally able to make videos again.
12-12-2012 was my first more serious attempt in trying to capture something with a purpose. Since we had to follow our daily routine that day it wasnt all that easy, getting up, being on time, getting kids ready for school, driving places etc…but the challenge was good and I am glad I tried to keep up with it, and I love the outcome..

Anyways, here is our share and our view of 12-12-12

Our view of 12-12-2012 from julia goss on Vimeo.


The dark alley { Family Photography Hutto TX }

The other weekend, it felt like winter hit our little town. Luckily we have been prepared in every way we possibly could and  the kids were excited about a change or wardrobe and warm jackets and boots. For me the colder air was a warm (cold) welcome 😉 ! I loved it and it just called me outside. We went for alittle walk and found an amazing location and just ended up playing there for a little while. I seriously fell in love with this location and can’t wait to go back !!!

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Happy 4th of July { Hutto Tx Photography }

The few of you who really know me, know how me and my husband met. Almost 10 years ago in germany, where my husband was stationed with the Army. The time will always be unforgettable and always be a part of us. The time he was in Iraq, the time I waited for him, waited for his letters waited just to hear his voice for a minute, I simply can’t forget. I’m sure my children’s children will still hear about our story. But it’s our story and we just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. A lot of things have changed since then, including the uniforms for the soldiers. Since the 4th of July was coming up and I had an idea for shoot, my husband got some of his things back out to show our children. And then we all went out for a little shoot. I appreciate it so much that he came along with us, to teach the children a little about honoring the flag and what it is all about. I am thankful for the soldiers out there protecting this country, and I’m thankful that my husband has made it home safe to us, even if it’s already so long ago..it seems like yesterday when I ran down my parents driveway when I heard his car the first weekend he came to visit me after he was home from Iraq …I started running and running until I was in his arms… I will never forget these moments…