Hello’s and Goodbye’s*Welcome to McKinney*

It has certainly been a while that I have written here. Life has gone on, we have finally moved and after a few hiccups are settling into our new house and are making it our new home. Life as always is pretty amazing with all of its ups and downs. During this move I have learned to let go a little more, to trust more, and to believe more. I had to let my husband buy our new home pretty much by himself without me seeing it. It wasn’t easy at times. It wasn’t easy just to trust and follow almost blindly, not knowing where we would really go. I havnt seen the city, the area, pretty much nothing. I packed our things up in Hutto, the moving day came and we left. Luckily to some amazing friends we had help. Not knowing, drove me nuts some days. But then again I remembered to just trust my instincts. When we arrived at our new home, I was speechless and the tears just started coming. I turned the key and more tears followed. Sometimes you just know in an instant that is has all been worth it, and that your feelings were right. Just when I married my husband 9 years ago. We had our 9th wedding anniversary just a few days ago.
We agreed on this move and new job for many reasons. More family time and a better life in general. We had the dreams of homeschooling our children for a while and now it is coming true. Life is full of surprises sometimes. Years ago I would have never dreamt of this, but this is exactly what we have wanted and I am beyond thankful and happy.

Im planning on booking sessions again soon. On request they will be available right now, so please email me and we might be able to already make an appointment. Officially I will start after the summer to give us a little more time to make this beautiful house our new home !

Thank you all for the support, the messages and comments, wherever you leave them. They are very much appreciated all of the time !

And now some images from the times of the move..before, after and now 🙂


girls1gp kidwasheregp daddyabbygp housegp girlsstepgp


and now some iphone adventures from our new place. The time for much else hasn’t come up yet 😉

soldbwgp IMG_3068gp  IMG_3060gp IMG_3052gp IMG_3045gp IMG_2719gp

A few ones I did manage to shoot with my Mark III baby ;))

abbydoorgp abbysleepinggp abbytrainsgp hannahgp hannahlayinggrassgp

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{Creativity Project} January Resolution

Our subject for this months Creativity Project.. Resolution !

      Well I am sure we all have them in some way shape or form. Many say no more resolutions for the new year, but deep inside we all have some things we would like to change. Deep down there are things we think we can do better, know we need to make situations or even relationships stronger. I didn’t want to make strict resolutions for the new year, but just like that they snuck up on me. Things mainly for myself, things that I have been putting of, things we don’t think we have the time for. Things that we simply just often forget but can be so important.

To me it has been setting priorities. Realizing what is really important once again, and also what I need to straighten up in my life to get where I, or better we (me and my family ) need and want to be. But as I like to say… let’s just get straight to the pictures and see what resolutions I came up with…

#1 More Fashion and style 😉


#2 Being in more harmony with nature


# 3 More platytime>


 #4  More homecooked meals (even if its just pasta 😉 )


#5  More exploring


#6 More selfies and pictures with my family


# 7  Enjoy the little luxuries of life more


#8 More fun


#9 More time for hugs


# 10 a few more calm moments to breathe it all in

calm moments

So trying to keep up with all these resolutions, my time has been limited 🙂 . The projects due date came faster than expected (as always) ! But I hope you enjoyed my view on the theme, and will follow along in our circle
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