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It has certainly been a while that I have written here. Life has gone on, we have finally moved and after a few hiccups are settling into our new house and are making it our new home. Life as always is pretty amazing with all of its ups and downs. During this move I have learned to let go a little more, to trust more, and to believe more. I had to let my husband buy our new home pretty much by himself without me seeing it. It wasn’t easy at times. It wasn’t easy just to trust and follow almost blindly, not knowing where we would really go. I havnt seen the city, the area, pretty much nothing. I packed our things up in Hutto, the moving day came and we left. Luckily to some amazing friends we had help. Not knowing, drove me nuts some days. But then again I remembered to just trust my instincts. When we arrived at our new home, I was speechless and the tears just started coming. I turned the key and more tears followed. Sometimes you just know in an instant that is has all been worth it, and that your feelings were right. Just when I married my husband 9 years ago. We had our 9th wedding anniversary just a few days ago.
We agreed on this move and new job for many reasons. More family time and a better life in general. We had the dreams of homeschooling our children for a while and now it is coming true. Life is full of surprises sometimes. Years ago I would have never dreamt of this, but this is exactly what we have wanted and I am beyond thankful and happy.

Im planning on booking sessions again soon. On request they will be available right now, so please email me and we might be able to already make an appointment. Officially I will start after the summer to give us a little more time to make this beautiful house our new home !

Thank you all for the support, the messages and comments, wherever you leave them. They are very much appreciated all of the time !

And now some images from the times of the move..before, after and now ūüôā


girls1gp kidwasheregp daddyabbygp housegp girlsstepgp


and now some iphone adventures from our new place. The time for much else hasn’t come up yet ūüėČ

soldbwgp IMG_3068gp  IMG_3060gp IMG_3052gp IMG_3045gp IMG_2719gp

A few ones I did manage to shoot with my Mark III baby ;))

abbydoorgp abbysleepinggp abbytrainsgp hannahgp hannahlayinggrassgp

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Maternity Session with the D. Family { Hutto,Tx Photography }

Last weekend I met up with the D. Family to capture these beautiful moments while they wait for their little baby girl. I know they are so excited to meet her, such an exciting time and I feel honored that I got to take these pictures for them ! It was another very hot day in central Texas, but we had a great location, luckily  with a bit of shade and just went with it.  Hope you guys enjoy the little preview and can treasure these pictures for years to come !

{All my pictures are copyright protected. Please do not use without my written permission, illegal use of pictures will be prosecuted}

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My little bookworm {Hutto children photography}

My oldest daughter (well honestly,my younger one too) is a giant bookworm !I guess the years and years of reading to her have paid off, she is an amazing reader, reads chapter books by herself and little books to her almost 3 year old little sister. Im thankful we still have books we read together though, I admit giving up this reading time with her would be really hard for me. Her birthday is coming up and she is getting a ton of new big girl books, and Im sooo soo excited to dive into them with her.. We have mary poppins on the list and one from my childhood from astrid lindgren, the robbers daughter and a few others ūüôā But I know y’all want to see some pictures, so to honor her reading skills we jumped outside with a book and had some fun ūüôā { and in case you wonder..the glasses are the 3D glasses from the movie theather..the kids always want to bring them home..they are sooo fun !!! }

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A day in the life of a cowgirl {Hutto,TX Photography Session}

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays here in the US. We dont have it as much in germany, so seeing my kids growing up with more traditions is very fun and I get a little overboard with it sometimes haha. I found my daughters costume way early this year and finally had my hubby convinced to get it, and we were all in love with it by the time we got it and couldnt wait for a shoot. My daughter loves fairies and nature so very much so it was a true fit. IF she would be a fairy, this would be her for sure…

But I wont hold you up any long and just shower you with some images, from one of my favorite sessions with her yet, for sure… Let the magic begin…

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All my pictures are copyright protected. Please do not use without my written permission !!

Birthday time


I have been soo busy with my family, summer and life in general. July is a busy month for us, anniversary, and our childrens birthdays. As busy as it might seem I love everything about it and wouldnt change a thing.

Anyways, we are still kind of in the middle of the birthdays (my little one will have hers next week) but we managed to get in a little birthday shoot already. It was windy and hot, not perfect weather but we still had fun and I got to try out some new props !!

And I just can’t help it to include one black and white image..just that little¬† something about them that I love so much

A day in the life of a cowgirl  {Hutto,TX Photography Session}

Living here in Hutto has opened my mind to many new things. I never knew I was more a country mouse¬†than a city mouse. I guess I always lived more in the country than in the city, but still you don’t realize it sometimes.¬†We dream of an¬†old house,¬†lots of land,dirt,animals,trees,farms and barns…Seeing my kids growing up here¬†makes me happy. I know they have a happy mix of country life and the big city is really nearby. Learning about nature is¬†an incredibly important thing to me in todays age¬†!

So¬†when I drove back¬†home from the last day of school for my oldest, I saw the hay bales, the tractor the field¬†and in the evening we had a few minutes and I just hoped it was all still there…and yes it was ūüėČ We had a blast out there, it was fun playing around and seeing my daughter in these different elements playing the role as a cowgirl. I used to go after the perfect images, and of course I always strive to give my best, but with your own kids it’s even harder than during a normal session. Im¬†happy when I get her out of her little shell, relaxed and just her..these are the images that reflect her, the way i know her, the way she is, silly,funny, cute and beautiful… !


The B. Family {family/newborn session Hutto,TX Photography}

Come meet the B. Family !¬†Well part of them. One important member was certainly missing, and that was daddy, who is¬†deployed at the moment. I have not done a session without a daddy yet, and I wasn’t worried about if before or during the session …but even I felt that he was missing…and I know how much they must miss him in their daily lives.¬† I know a bit about military life myself,¬†since my hubby and I met, when he was still in the army. He got deployed to Iraq,¬†right at¬†the beginning of the war… I will never forget the time when¬†¬†me and him were apart. But that was before we even¬†had a family. Daddy B. hasn’t¬†even met his beautiful new baby girl yet, and I truly hope he can see her beauty in the images we created together, he sure has an amazing, beautiful, strong little family that is waiting for him to come home soon ! I hope time flies for you guys !!


Meet the P. Family {Family Session/ Photography Hutto,tx}

Last Saturday I had the amazing opportunity to meet the P. Family and take their family portraits. I had so much fun with them, honestly I felt right at home with 3 little girls, (since i have two of my own ) and we started picking wildflowers right away. We had a picnic in the woods, played with bears, danced in the sunlight under the trees,played at the playground and really¬†just enjoyed a beautiful morning….

Here are just a few of my favorites, it wasnt easy to just pick a few ūüôā

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Be still ~ { GossPhotography,Hutto TX }

I am enjoying this spring more than ever. This season is simply so gorgeous and inspiring. One of the things I miss from living in germany and europe is the weather change. Last year we had hardly any. You wake up, a few clouds if you are lucky, and then there is SUN…SUN…and more SUN ! Yeas it is nice, but after a while 100 degrees Fahrenheit can clearly get on your nerves. They are promising a mild summer and im thrilled about it. Anyways sometimes it is important to just take in the moment and appreciate it, and like I said before that is something im learning more about every day… this is now… this is the moment..this is what counts..! Listen to your heart and the little whispers around you ūüôā Hugs to you all, thanks for being here !


 You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.

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Summerfeelings | Hutto,TX Photography

The weather has been a bit nuts again recently, heck no surprise..we are in Texas right ? Anyways, some of our days have been cold,yucky with lots and lots of rain. But as many of you know, we soooo need this rain after the crazy drought we have had going on. But then came the sunshine and a few days with lots of fun outside. We all loved it so much even though the winds still blew kinda cold some days.

Spring is coming real soon,  so make the time  to schedule your SPRING/ EASTER session NOW !


{update} Newborn sessions | Newborn Photography Hutto,Tx

I recently did two newborn shoots again at the parents home. It was a wonderful experience and I loved catching those special moments in the parents homes to make these memories extra special. Yet there were some things that brought on some diffuculties especially needing lots of space for setup and  windows with light ! When I got back home it nearly hit me, how I can just ignore all the empty space in my large living room with our giant windows to the side ?! It is nearly perfect for the setup. So from now on im providing to options for newborn sessions.

More details under the Sessions tab.https://gossphotography.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=4&action=edit

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Baby G {newborn session} | Newborn,Family Photography Hutto,tx

Sometimes life has funny ways to reconnect people. I was thrilled that the R.Family contacted me to photograph their new little arrival.Iit has been ages that we have seen each other and¬†it was a pleasure catching up,chatting for hours and of course¬†photographing little baby G ūüôā !